February 29, 2024

Black Truffle Festival and Magico Malfy


La sagra del tartufo nero

Truffles are prized for their intense aroma and flavor that can elevate a humble pasta dish to gastronomic heights. They are known in Italy as ‘tartufo’, and are found in many regions nationwide. There are nine edible types of truffle, but the main varieties are grown in winter and are usually named for their color – white or black. Truffle hunting and extraction are a knowledge and practice transmitted orally for centuries. In fact, UNESCO has enlisted truffle hunting in Italy on its list of the World’s Intangible Cultural Heritage. Chef Marco Cacia brings the truffle festival to Phuket with his exquisite dishes. The heat rising from the dish is generally the only heat a truffle needs to enhance its prized flavor and elevate a humble pasta dish to new gastronomic heights.


The Real Birthplace of Gin

The origins of gin can be traced back to Italy’s Salerno Coast in 1050 AD, where monks blended locally foraged juniper with spirit in the Monastery kitchens. La Gritta continues the tradition with Nontawat Keawsod, former head bartender at Teens of Thailand and Brand Ambassador of Malfy Gin. The star bartender puts his unique spin on pre-and after-dinner drinks using this premium Italian craft gin inspired by the sun-soaked lifestyle of the Amalfi Coast.