March 27, 2024

Trattoria Siciliana

Sicilian cuisine shows traces of all cultures on the island over the last two millennia. It has been influenced by the Phoenicians of North Africa, the Islamic Moors, Greeks, Romans, Normans, Spanish, and others. One of the defining characteristics of Sicilian cuisine is its emphasis on using seasonal and locally sourced ingredients.

This month’s signature dishes feature Sicilian ingredients and cooking methods. Fishing for tuna is deeply rooted in Sicilian tradition, dating back to the 9th century. The “mattanza,” which refers to the process of fishing for tuna, is a significant part of Sicilian culture. Seabass baked in salt is a classic Sicilian dish. Sicilian cheeses are only produced with raw milk and natural rennet. The basic Sicilian-style sausages contain ground pork meat, salt, fennel seeds, cheese, and wine.